Less AC Casinos Mean More Escorts Per Casino

Escorts in Atlantic Cit

Escorts in Atlantic City

It’s simple economics. While more and more casinos have closed girl, the escorts in Atlantic City start focusing on a smaller subset of areas. While the Borgata and Harrah’s are the most popular, these casinos do a good job of kicking any sort of escorts strolling around out.

Now, if you’re on the boardwalk, that’s a whole other area. When it comes to getting Atlantic City escorts, these girls absolutely love the boardwalk. It allows them access to a couple casinos in a short distance. Furthermore, security is quite lax right when you enter. Which is why most of the girls love the bars inside the casino and the slot machines.

Best bet however, is to do some online research. No I don’t mean look at pics, I mean actual reviews . With the reviews, you can have your girl predetermined with less risk.

Don’t forget guys, every single escort in AC hustles. Sucks to have to play this game, but they all do it. If you have some time, I’d recommend forming a mutually beneficial arrangement with some of the college students near by AC (Stockton is a growing one, even all the community colleges around the area). Since these sugar babies are local, they’re really just looking to be taken care of without the hassle. If you’re looking to find them but don’t know how, check out the sugar baby dating site of Arrangementfinders.com

Atlantic City Escorts Are Hurting for Winter

We all know how dead Atlantic City is in the winter. Sunday night through Thursday night you can get ANY escort within a 20 mile radius of AC for  virtually nothing. That’s hardcore tip number 1. Now if you’re in AC only on the weekends, be prepared to pay a higher amount for Atlantic City escorts.

There are some ways around this. The best tip of all is trying to negotiate two separate sessions prior to your first meet. The girl will know  you’re legit, won’t watch the clock, and will give you a better rate.

Now, if you want nothing to do with the types of STD risks associated with escorts in Atlantic City, you can always go the mutually beneficial arrangement route with Arrangementfinders.com

Atlantic City Escorts Love the Unofficial Start to Summer

Believe it or not, Atlantic City escorts weren’t getting the business they use to get. Hurricane Sandy, Fires in Seaside, the influx of people coming to AC in the summer has been dipping. Throw in all the casinos outside of AC, these girls were leaving AC for greener pasture. Things however, are reverting back for these Atlantic City escorts.

Atlantic City Escorts

Atlantic City Escorts

This spring, AC has done a tremendous job of filling up the convention centers. With conventions in town, tons of guys are looking for escorts in AC. Sure, they back try looking for backpage escorts, but the smarter ones realized the STD risk is not worth it what so ever.

These guys will enjoy Revel and the Borgata to name a few, but they are ultimately looking for some ass.

Tip#1: Make friends with the men that work in these Atlantic City casinos. They know the city better than anyone. Drugs, escorts.. .list goes on and on. Pit bosses, waiters, taxi drivers… don’t be bashful.

For those of you wanting more than a quickie, you might want to entertain the world of mutually beneficial arrangements. Since Atlantic City caters to Philadelphia, North Jersey, and New York City, you get all sorts of college girls & single moms trying to make ends meet. Having one of these arrangements to have with girls in AC will go a long way. The biggest site in this space is ArrangementFinders.com You might have seem them at Exxxotica when they were in AC.

Enjoy Summer 2014!

Exxxotica Atlantic City

Atlantic City Escorts Getting Ready for Exxxotica

Exxxotica is coming to Atlantic City the weekend of April 12. With the influx of porn stars, comes with it a ton of men all looking for a hell of a time. Since 99.9% of them will beyond horny upon leaving, you can get that the strip clubs and escorts in Atlantic City will be busy. Many out of towners, will looking to Backpage escorts to fill the void. Be VERY careful here. With backpage, you are finding the lowest of the low when it comes to these STD ridden escorts (especially in AC). If you are looking for Atlantic City escorts, do some homework before getting whatever you can in the last minute in AC.

Here’s a tip, the Friday night in AC is Free Ladies Night. You’ll have a ton of regular women there, once in which you will have an shot with! Ironically enough, the night is sponsored by ArrangementFinders.com. This is a site catering to men and women looking to mutually beneficial arrangements.

I was able to dig up a recent AC article that had their latest billboard. Rather funny, yet on point!

Exxxotica Atlantic City

Exxxotica Atlantic City